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Tome of Guardsmen

Royal Courier "T'is a fine day to die!" once said a brave but foolish guardsman. Maybe you will find their tale in here..

The Tome of Guardsmen represents the finest and bravest souls you will find in Blyn Brae. The Guardsmen of the Guardsmen are what all aspire to be; read their tales and find out why.

Albrien Guardsman
Ballidos Footman
Crutchfield Footman
Culann Footman
CyrusAshburn Footman
Dawidioza Footman
Harvard Footman
Kirrow Footman
Neward Sergeant
Ony Lord Protector
Shorts30 Footman
Svetlogor Captain
Taldour Guardsman
Therosan Footman
VespatianX Footman
Zytum Footman