A roleplaying guild in the world of Albion Online




There are few things as beautiful as crystal infused ore being pulled from the stone.

Place of BirthOld World (Settler)
Hair Color / StyleBlack, Long
Beard StyleMedium
Eye ColorGrey
Body Shape / BuildAthletic
Maritial StatusUnmarried


A gruff but well groomed young man stands before you. Muscular yet lean it is clear his strength comes from hard work rather than prolonged exercise. Always carrying a mining pick strapped to his back even when geared for combat. Often seen a full suit of miners chain with his mining cap and picks.


Polite and usually cheerful Leintraz's pleasant demeanor can likely be attributed to his passion for the shine of freshly mined crystal and metal which he often surrounds himself with. Rare is it that he will be unhappy, that isn't to say he cannot be unhappy just not very common a sight.


Born to a family of miners going back countless generations he escaped that life to seek one across the seas with a bit more adventure. At the age of twenty five using what little he could save to pay for passage to Albion he was able to leave parts of his old life behind so he could set his mining pick to work on new earth not previously mined by his ancestors. With little more than his crossbow and pick he traveled across the sea. For a time he would wander the southern shores of Albion alone putting his pick axe to work where he could. As time went on Leintraz, finding himself in need of a stronger mining pick and some armor decided to learn the art of smithing. Unknowing of him he would find as much passion working the metals of this new land as mining them. Upon traveling farther inland he witnessed many of his fellow miners being robbed of their hard work by thieves and cut throats. In an effort to put his skills toward a more honorable cause he began reading tomes. Eventually coming across the Ironguard he traveled north to Fort Sterling. It was there that he hoped to join their ranks so that his crossbow might be of use in fighting the criminals of this new world. As a smith and miner he hopes the weapons and armor he forges of metals hewn from stone by his mining pick might help those less fortunate.