A roleplaying guild in the world of Albion Online




Bloody hell.

Place of BirthBridgewatch (Watchian)
Hair Color / StyleDark Brown, Short
Beard StyleShort
Eye ColorGrey
Body Shape / BuildAverage
Maritial StatusUnmarried


Not the most impressive looking, which does help keep Cyrus out of being noticed. Short close cut beard and low cut hair for easy maintenance.


Cyrus is a man of tact and fact, he tends to be calm during dangerous situations. Is not one for religion, follows his own moral code he built up. He is selective on friends but contains many contacts. Blunt at times but honest.


Cyrus has done many things in his short life. His father being apart of the Royal Forces in the old world brought about a certain discipline to Cyrus' life. Cyrus was born and raised in the plains of Bridgewatch. During his childhood he took up more in the learning field, sneaking off away from his fathers constant physical exertions to take the books at the local stores. After several years his father started his small trade routes which Cyrus accompanied heading to several big towns to the local villages. Bringing supplies and building up contracts.At the age of 20 Cyrus separated from his family to start his own story. It started with joining the local militia to gain some survival skills. The leadership was lacking in aspects which lead to many injuries and death and thats when Cyrus started holding back and questioning the orders. That was not the best choice, led to many punishments, but led to meeting Glenn. He was apart of a mercenary guild, not big time, but they took Cyrus in.Cyrus was done with the front line work and took to tactics. His skill was shown and assisted the mercenaries in multiple operations, lowered injuries and increased loot for all! His time there was not to last and he left on his accord to travel the world, see new sights and behold other customs.He landed in Fort Sterling and a flyer was in the center of town advertising a new recruitment drive for the IronGuardsmen. A Brotherhood with honor, bring peace and order to the city of Fort Sterling. He was hesitant at first but met the Lord Protector himself and took the leap to join an order bigger than himself.Now being apart of the Guardsmen for some time he took the mantel of Quartermaster to assist the local citizens and the Guardsmen in turn. The bridge between the two in a sense.