A roleplaying guild in the world of Albion Online




T'is only a flesh wound lad, get up and try again!

Place of BirthUmbrash (Umbrashian)
Hair Color / StyleBlack, Styled
Beard StyleShort
Eye ColorGreen
Body Shape / BuildAthletic
Maritial StatusUnmarried


Medium long black hair, clean shaven, few marks on back,arms and legs.


clam, cool and collective, thrives under pressure and I rather put myself in danger over others.


I come from a noble family and had a decent upbringing, mother passed away when I was young and father raised my sister and I as best he could, once I reached the age of 18, I set out to lymhurst looking for riches, along my way I saw a damsel in distress so swooped in to rescue her, she took me back to her village were her father, high druid of the village bestowed me the ancient magics of fire,frost,holy and nature as a token of my bravery for rescuing his daughter, he said it would help me along my journey, I thanked him and left, to this day, I still do not know the name of that damsel I rescued! (hope to met her again one day.) Eventually I got tired of my solo adventuring and decided to make some friends in the local tavern, that is were I met a few nice lads from a guild called EIG, I adventured with them a few times out in the world, came across there alliance and that is where met Ony (Guardsmen leader), did a few adventures with him and a few of his mighty guild members and decided to join the Guardsmen ranks. Autum, my sister has joined the ranks of the guardsmen, she occasionally goes home to look after my father. Glad to have her by my side once again.