A roleplaying guild in the world of Albion Online




Ye can do whatcha want, if ye know what 'te do.

Place of BirthOld World (Settler)
HeightAbove Average
Hair Color / StyleDark Brown, Styled
Beard StyleUnshaven
Eye ColorBlue
Body Shape / BuildAthletic
Maritial StatusUnmarried


Just below his right eye runs an impressive scar, that is half covered under the stubbles of his beard.


He carries himself proud, although never pretentious.He doesn't back away from a good fight, but is not a friend of excessive violence rather than making a just cause.


In a former life, Harvard used to be a soldier. Fighting in wars no one even remembers anymore, he learned to fend for himself.After returning to his families homestead, where his wife and two girls tended to a rather large animal stock and fields of corn, he found the place devastated.Death and decay where all around.When eventually he found his precious girls and wife slain, by the doorstep of the house, something in him broke.Being used to seeing the dead and dying on a battlefield, nothing could've prepared him for what he had to witness on that dreadful day.It took him two years of living alone in the woods and mountains around his home, to find a new purpose for his life:The king called for adventurous folks to aid him in conquering the mystical lands of old Albion...