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Missing in Action



Eligius is of average height about 6 foot and has broad strong shoulders no doubt in part from his days as a miner. A shaved bald head with a scar over his left eye, and a somewhat scruffy short black beard.


Eligius is a noble man; and can be somewhat harsh with Guardsmen and Citizens alike. He is reserved but is always willing to help younger Citizens and Guardsmen to find their and move up in the title or rank.


He grew up in the northen provinces of the old world, his father was an ore miner and worked long days in the mountains and gorges. When Eligius was old enough to swing a pick axe his father brought him along on his mining expeditions. They were long, difficult and tough days and weeks in the cold mountains, working early in the day until late at night. This hardened Eligius and made him the strong willed and passionate man he is today.Eligius helped his father throughout his childhood and often was not provided with the childhood one perhaps deserves. At the age of 18 Eligius and his father were mining in some foot hills when a beast of black evil and death loomed around a corner his father and him did not see. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a black robe and some old yellow bones that stood almost as if human. Before Eligius had a chance to warn his father it was too late. The foul beast had struck his father down. Eligius ran as fast as he could and found refuge inside a nearby cave. After waiting for what felt like hours, Eligius emerged only to find that his father was dead, killed and looted by the evil beings. From that day forward Eligius vowed to avenge his father's death and punish and remove the evil of the world. Now that he's travelled to Albion and settled in Fort Sterling with the Ironguard his virtues and ideals have spread here.Eligius set off with now only one goal in mind to form a Militia of ordinary men whom could fight off and defend Albion form it's many evils. Eligius attended several Military schools and formed the beginnings of the Ironguard.