A roleplaying guild in the world of Albion Online




"Kill your enemies with success, and bury them with a smile."

Place of BirthFort Sterling (Sterlingist)
Hair Color / StyleBrown, Styled
Beard StyleGoatee
Eye ColorBlue
Body Shape / BuildAthletic
Maritial StatusUnmarried


Neward is a prestigious leader and a cold blooded killer. He thrives off the blood of his foe. He will fight any inhabitant of Albion to the death if his life feels threatened.


Neward was an old beggar. One day the Ironguard was doing a parade and saw the old beggar. They said hello and asked if Neward had paid his tax. Of course he hadn't because he was poor. The Ironguard offered to bring him in to become a part of the Ironguard. He later became a Guardsmen of the Ironguard. On down the road, the Ironguard disbanded and became the Guardsmen. Neward is now a Sergeant in the Guardsmen and doing very well for himself.