A roleplaying guild in the world of Albion Online

Roleplaying a Religious Zealot

The King's Church is a religious order in Albion Online, with great influence over the Guardsmen. The King's Church is represented by the Arcane division.

The King's Church is loosly based upon historical figures such as the Knights Templar and the Spanish Inquisition, as well as prior roleplay experiences from the old world such as the Avatarian Faith.


The three guiding principles, or virtues, of the King's Church, are truth, love, and courage. It is in truth that we find the "holy" aspect, in love we find "nature", and courage brings us "arcane".


The King's Church is loosly based upon Abrahamic religions as well as game lore. All adhearants believe in a supreme deity with a plan, a saviour (Merlin), and an anti- (Morgana).

It is believed that the King is the head of the church, with the elders of the Arcane division acting as his eyes, ears, and commanders within the Guardsmen.