A roleplaying guild in the world of Albion Online

Guardsmen and Citizens

Guardsmen comprises of two divisions; the Guardsmen, an elite and highly regarded loyalist militia, and the supporting Citizens of Fort Sterling.

The Guardsmen and Citizens are bound by friendship and equal values. Whilst the Guardsmen are highly revered, the Citizens lend their specialist skills where needed.

Guardsmen undertake patrols, train their skills together, and support each other in times of hardship. They have unique battle tactics and a strong fellowship with their Citizen counterparts.

The Guardsmen

Sword and Shield The guardsmen are the strongest members and heart of the Guardsmen. Their physical prowess and iron might make them exemplar in the battle field. Storylines mostly focus around the guardsmen and their activities both in action and on patrol.

The strength of the King can be seen through the guardsmen of the Guardsmen and their commanding officers. Their presence makes the road between Fort Sterling and Caerleon a safer place.


Healing While the Guardsmen are the shield of the Guardsmen, the Citizens provide logistical support; with bows, spears, healing, and (good) magic. They also provide economic and diplomatic support.

Establishing and supporting trade caravans, creating contracts, dealing damage, and representing the King's Church; the Citizens push forward the Guardsmen by ensuring a prosperous future.