A roleplaying guild in the world of Albion Online

Orders Issued by Officers

To help with roleplay immersion, all guardsmen are expected to learn and follow parade orders when issued by a commanding officer. Parade orders give us a unique and extremely effective visual advantage when perfected and viewed by outsiders.

Walking in Albion Online can be achieved by over-loading (weight) your character to 140%.

All guardsmen should form a line, in front of the commanding officer.

All guardsmen should stand in a row behind the commanding officer (or the guard that was appointed), facing towards his/her back.

All guardsmen should stop what they are doing and immediately stand still, keeping ready for further orders.

Start moving towards destination, on foot. Usually this means walking unless prefixed with 'quick' or similar.

From the position you are standing, immediately turn right (or left if ordered).

Face forward or back to your original direction, usually towards the commanding officer.

This means turn immediately around (opposite direction to current).

All guardsmen may take a short break, but cannot leave, fight or run away until ordered.

All guardsmen are dismissed and may leave, drink and be merry.