A roleplaying guild in the world of Albion Online

Speaking in the King's Tongue

All roleplay takes place in /say and /emote, and is written in English. We are not overly concerned about spelling mistakes, grammar, or punctuation, as long as you give it a try.

Do not worry about correcting mistakes in /say; however, if you feel you must, correct them in /guild, /whisper, or /party instead.

Scenario: Thief Approaching Trade Caravan

In this example, a thief targeting trade caravans attempts to avoid the guardsmen on patrol.

Guardsman: Halt! Can ye not see this caravan is under Guardsmen protection?
Thief: So ye say! Go bug someone else, I got business t'handle!
Guardsman: A loudmouth eh? Guardsmens, make sure he ain't 'andling stolen goods.
Thief: Hands off me ye stinkin' bastards!
Guardsman: We handle the likes o' thee f'breakfast; stand down, we'll go easier on ye.

Scenario: Guardsmen Arrange Gathering Trip

In this scenario, a senior guardsman (possibly an officer) and a guardsman arrange to gather ore for the guild from a red zone.

Guardsman: Greetings sah! Fine day, 'tis not?
Officer: Well met guard. 'Tis glorious, aye!
Guardsman: I 'av been busy puttin' heretics t'rest. Them breed like rats, sah!
Officer: Aye, indeed.
Officer: The ore stocks are low, we should venture t'dangerous veins an' get more.
Guardsman: Good thinkin', sah!
Officer: Snap to it then guard! An' report to me when ye are ready!

Keywords Frequently Used

The following is a list of words that have special definitions within the Guardsmen. All guardsmen (and other division members) should learn these.

Keyword Translation
Civilian Anyone not in the Guardsmen, or another recognised military unit.
Taint Anyone who has a sickness of the mind; one that causes symptoms of madness, strange sounds, and unexplainable behaviour. For example:
  • Not speaking in the King's tongue (English),
  • Not using proper words (e.g. thx),
  • Spinning in circles, or other weirdness, or
  • Spamming.
Guardsmen should be wary of holding relations with anyone who is tainted.
Unconcious Characters do not 'die' unless deleted. They are instead knocked down, gathering their breath, fixing their boot laces, or unconcious.
Witch A non-Guardsmen roleplayer who is using magic. They should be distrusted.
Witchcraft Magic used by a witch; all guardsmen distrust this.
Heretic Any rebel against the King, which may include some players. Not all red players are heretics, not all heretics are red.

Abbreviation Alternatives

To make things easier for new recruits, the following is a list of Alternatives to be used in place of abbreviations and other modern language.

Keyword Translation
lol, rofl, haha /e laughs.
/e chuckles.
:) /e smiles.
:( /e appears saddened.
cool impressive
u you
thx thank ye
ok, k alright, aye, okay
lag stone in my shoe
disconnected distracted by bugs
blue, positive reputation innocent, approachable
grey, outlaw debuff suspect, suspicious
red, player killer murderer, cut-throat, villain
blue zone under the King's protection
yellow zone risky roads
red zone dangerous roads
Discord pigeon
the web (internet) the library
website, web page tome, book
guild website the tome in Fort Sterling