A roleplaying guild in the world of Albion Online

Joining the Guardsmen

Royal Courier Guardsmen! is a spiritual successor to the Guardsmen Militia of the old world.

Whilst Albion Online presents fun challenges, the challenge is made greater when you add medieval style roleplay to the mix.

You will live in constant threat of dangerous powers across the new world. Dark magic is not to be trusted; not every servant of the King has your interests at heart. The King's Church will stop at nothing to expose and eliminate heretics and criminals.

The undead and demons of hell are a constant menace, as are the foul Keepers of Albion. All will have a price upon your head, more so if you become a guardsman.

This is a new challenge, a new community, a new world.

As a guild member you will be expected to adhere to guild rules, and remain In Character (IC) when using /say and /emote.

All other forms of communication (including /whisper, /guild and /party), are considered Out of Character (OOC). Try not to worry, it will become natural with practice!

1. Read the Tome
Before you apply to join, you should learn as much as possible about the Guardsmen. Read this website (we call it "the Tome in Fort Sterling"), and familiarize yourself with our rules, orders, and the differences between guardsmen and citizens.

If you have not roleplayed before, take time to read our guide, and learn some of the language you may see us use.

2. Creating your Character
In Character, you cannot see a name floating above your head. Take a moment to think about your character's name. It does not have to be original, as long as it is believable.

Think of a personality for your character, and a brief background; where is he or she from?

Dark Magic:
Remember, the Guardsmen mistrust anyone who makes use of dark magic or witchcraft. They will certainly not recruit a person who has any dealings with undead or demon entities. However, don't let that stop you from being creative with prior petty crimes.

3. Claim Your Character
Claim your character on our website and create a basic profile. Be sure to at least update your character's first and last name.

4. Join us on Discord
Join us on discord for an informal chat in #recruit with the guild leader or an officer. Every new member starts as a recruit in the citizen division.

Once you are a member, you will find more information in our discord channels, including rules and announcements.

If you are unsure how to roleplay - ask someone! Every member should be happy to help you learn.

All players start as a citizen; after at least a week of activity, and demonstrating a willingness to roleplay, you will become a citizen.

Should you prove yourself, and be willing to wear the strict uniform at guild events, then you may choose to apply to become one of the elite guardsmen.