A roleplaying guild in the world of Albion Online

Frequently Asked Questions

Our questions and answers are separated into two sections; joining and supporting.

The first is suitable for those who wish to join our guild, whilst the second contains useful information for those who are interested in our guild, want to have more fun during PvP, or want to interact with the Guardsmen.

Joining the Guardsmen

You must show a willingness to roleplay and not be contemptible. We want to develop a community of inclusion; everyone's time spent playing the game and roleplaying is needed and helps our guild grow.

We ask that everyone remains In Character (IC) in /say and /emote at all times. All other chat (guild, whisper, trade, discord, and so on), are considered Out of Character (OOC). In general this should not be a problem for anyone.

Emote Shortcuts
/applaud, /beg, /bow, /cheer, /cry, /dance, /flex, /laugh, /salute, /wave, /sit, /point

Provided the character has a sensible name, you may join. You will still need to start as a recruit and earn your promotions the same as everyone else. The guild rules apply regardless of age, experience, or character development so as to treat everyone fairly.

Sometimes you may not want to roleplay, perhaps because you are tired from real life; this is okay and normal. We often do many other activities such as group gathering and crafting, as well as playing solo expeditions.

Friendly Environment
We draw a line between In Character (IC) and Out of Character (OOC). In Character, higher ranking guardsmen may boss, dictate, and generally order around lower ranking guardsmen. Out of Character, no guild member should ever be forced or feel bullied into doing something in-game (or out of game) that they do not want to do.

Supporting the Guardsmen

Other roleplay guilds, guilds and/or players requiring support and that are willing to roleplay with us, or at least allow us to roleplay "properly" without disruption or unnecessary abuse.

We are also willing to engage with players who are not members that wish to see how we operate before joining, in a respectable, roleplay-friendly manner.

Yes! Guardsmen would be interested in working with guilds and players considered evil, negatively aligned, or criminals that are willing to roleplay, to create story-driven events.

The world of Albion Online is open to everyone; whilst we have territory that we patrol and protect, others may from time to time claim they own a specific area.

Unless they actively own the area through game mechanics (e.g. property), then it is a somewhat superfluous claim, since all land technically belongs to the King.